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SUNDAY  FEBUARY  18,  2018 

The fish finally decided they were hungry again this weekend.  It has been kind of tough going for the last couple weeks but we started seeing full buckets of Crappies again.  Both Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell were producing fish and were covered with ice shanties.

This weekend was also the Cash Bash Ice Fishing Tournament.  They have a pretty cool thing going on, which makes it nearly impossible to cheat.  They don't tell you what you're fishing for until the morning of the tournament, they pick a gamefish and a panfish species.  This year it was Pike and Perch, but there was a catch.  It wasn't just biggest Pike or Perch but the closest Pike to 26" and Perch to 10".  It adds an element of competition completely different then just going for biggest, which can be a lot more fun and competitive for the novice angler.  144 anglers participated this year and $2800 in cash prizes were awarded out.  Even better they raised $2200 for the After 26 Depot, by purchasing 50/50 and raffle tickets for prizes like Ice augers, guided fishing trips and a Mystic Steelhead rod.

We've been hearing pretty good stories of Steelhead fishing from the Manistee river.  This upcoming warm up should really get things moving.  Jigs with waxworms and bottom bouncing beads has been the best method for catching the  chrome.

Shawn Moore with another Crappie limit from Lake Cadillac.

Josh Myers holding the current fish to beat in our 16th Annual Spearing Contest.  You're going to need some luck on your side to get one longer then this one, 41 1/4", 13.97lb.

Howard Inzano just started spearing this week but is quickly turning into a pro.  This is the second Pike he has brought to us this winter, this one is 26 1/2" and 4.30lbs.  He is currently the only one who has entered a fish in our Youth division for out contest.  Let's get him some competition!


Current Standings for 16th Annual Pilgrim Village Spearing Contest as of 2/18/18

              1st:  Josh Myers                41 1/4"     13.97lb

             2nd:  Ralph Henry              36"           11.19lb

              3rd:  Keith Bainbridge       35"           11.68lb

              4rd:  Ed Pascoe                33 1/2"      8.55lb

              5th:  Paul Inzano               32 3/8"      8.59lb


              1st:  Howard Inzano          26 1/2"      4.30lb

             2nd:  OPEN


              1st:  Joe Emery                  25"           5.48lb (Bowfin)


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We have ice augers from Jiffy, Strikemaster, Ion, Nils Master and K-drill.


Our wall is filled with Tungstun jigs from Fiska, VMC, Acme, Kodiak, Widow Maker, Northland, Neon Lite's, K&E, Clam and others.  We also have thousands of bulk jigs as well.


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We have a large selection of Ice fishing spears and decoys.  As well as many models of Vexilars and accessories.


Wondering about live bait?  We carry:

- Perch minnows

- Sucker minnows

- Golden Shiners

- Wax Worms

- Red and White spikes

- Spawn

- Night Crawlers

- Leafworms

- Dillys

And to keep your exotic pets alive we carry:

- Crickets

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