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WEDNESDAY  MAY  23,  2018


Happy Memorial Day!  The weather could be damp but the fish don't know it.  The fish are looking forward to participating in the holiday weekend.

Catch and Keep Bass season opens Saturday the 26th.  Till now Largemouth Bass have been easy to catch.  Panfish anglers using live baits and Pike and Walleye fishermen are all catching them accidently.  Those targeting them are doing well.  They're in shallow and may be on their beds by the weekend.

Some Crappie are spawning in the shallows and at times can be seen along the shorelines.  Others are full of eggs but not ready to spawn but are schooling in the 6 to 10 foot depths especially where weeds are immerging.

We're experiencing one of the best Walleye openers ever.  The spawn is over and they've gone deep during the day.  Trolling with crawler harnesses is effective.  While casting Rapala's at dark in the shallows works well.

Pike cooperate any time of day.  Pick your bait and they attack it.  Live suckers, they eat them; spinner baits, they eat them; any Bass lure, they eat them too.

Nows the time to catch Master Angler sized bullheads.  14 inches is the minimum entry length.  Still fish with crawlers or a leach and the fun begins.

Bluegill anglers are catching few.  They're not on the beds yet but staging.  It won't be long.  It's been a long drawn out spring for everything.

Many morel hunters have given up.  it's a late season.  Lilacs and Forsythia are just blooming.  If you now your trees the Gray's and Whites (Yellows) are there. 


The 7th Annual Catchin' Crappies to Cure Cancer Crappie Tournament was on Saturday, May 19th.  Hunter Marr shows off his trophy winning Master Angler Crappie 14".  His was the biggest in the whole tournament.

Daniel Smith was doing some Pike fishing with sucker minnows in Lake Mitchell on Friday when we hooked into this surprise.  A Master Angler Channel Catfish!  This one was 32" and estimated to be close to 15lbs.  Channel Cats are not native to Lakes Cadillac or Mitchell but somehow someone relocated this one. 

While many are struggling to find good Morel Mushrooms this season, Roger Davis of Lychburg Ohio and Terry Hill of West Union Ohio have been getting them every day this week.  Here they show off a mixture of a few blacks, grays and whites.




Wondering about live bait?  We carry:

- Perch minnows

- Sucker minnows

- Golden Shiners

- Wax Worms

- Red and White spikes

- Spawn

- Night Crawlers

- Leafworms

- Dillys

And to keep your exotic pets alive we carry:

- Crickets

- Mealworms

- Superworms

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