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MONDAY  OCTOBER  16,  2017  


It's the middle of October and we're well into Small Game, Archery Deer and Waterfowl season.  But don't forget to make it out fishing.  The anglers going to the Manistee River have been doing great.  Salmon are still plentiful and many of them are still fresh.  Steelhead have been sneaking there way up river and it's only going to get better.  If you're fishing at Tippy Dam there are opportunities to catch so many species right now.  You could catch a Chinook or Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Brown Trout or maybe even a nice Walleye.

Fishing on our Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell has been good as well.  On Lake Cadillac they have been catching Perch in the deeper water on the East end in anywhere from 10' to 15' of water.  Pike and Bass fishing has been good as well.  Avoid the yellow brownish looking weeds that are starting to die off, concentrate on the brighter greener weed beds and that is where the fish will be.  Walleye are starting to make it in shallow after dark.  Fishing for them with Rapala's at the ends of the canal or off the causeway on M-115 is a good place to start.

Tippy Dam, Manistee River.

We don't make it out of the shop very often, but when we do we try and make it count.

Madison Ryerse holding a nice 9" Sunfish she caught on Lake Mitchell.

Another nice Lake Mitchell Sunfish this one caught by Aspen Emery.


Wondering about live bait?  We carry:

- Perch minnows

- Sucker minnows

- Golden Shiners

- Wax Worms

- Red and White spikes

- Spawn

- Night Crawlers

- Leafworms

- Dillys

And to keep your exotic pets alive we carry:

- Crickets

- Mealworms

- Superworms

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