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Summer vacation is over and the kids are back to school.  Back to the normal routine and dodging school busses.  It's getting to the time where we start thinking about the upcoming hunting seasons of small game, deer and ducks.  But don't forget about fishing, some of the best opportunities are on our doorstep.  King Salmon are the dominating fish on anglers radar right now.  Fishermen are still catching them out in Lake Michigan all along the coast.  Many fish are being taken from Manistee Lake and Betsie Lake by those vertical jigging them and some are catching them off from the piers casting spoons.  But most of them are being caught out of the rivers.  The Betsie River starts a little earlier and has been the hottest place, but the Manistee River is not far behind.  Salmon are starting to be caught at Tippy Dam more regularly and the best is yet to come. 

Don't forget about fishing the inland lake though.  Some of the best fishing opportunities for big Pike, Walleye and Bass is yet to come.  Often times in the fall you can have the whole lake to yourself as everybody else is off hunting or taking care of autumn chores.

There is only one week left in the 6th Annual Pilgrim Village Free Summer Fishing Contest.  Usually during the last week we get some last minute entries to take the win in the last hours.  We hope to see you in this week with some new monsters.

The 6th Annual Pilgrim Village Free Summer Fishing Contest started May 27th and runs to September 11th.


    1.  NO ENTRY FEE!

    2.  Fish must be caught in Michigan.  All Michigan laws and regulations apply.

    3.  Prizes will be awarded by length.  (Ties determined by weight)

    4.  No frozen fish, sunken eyes or white gills accepted.

    5.  You must allow a picture of you with your fish for verification.  (Pictures will be used on our website with contest      standings)

    6.  Fish must be measured at Pilgrim Village Fishing Shop.

    7.  All prizes will be awarded in the form of Gift Certificates.  (not good for licenses)

    8.  You may win only ONE category.

    9.  You are responsible for your own safety and property.

Current Standings as of 9/4/17

Largemouth Bass:                 20 3/4", 4.21lb

Smallmouth Bass:                 21 7/8", 5.95lb

Northern Pike:                       38 1/2", 12.08lb

Walleye:                                29", 6.34lb

Bluegill:                                 12 1/2", 1.78lb

Sunfish:                                10", .81lb

Perch:                                   12", .68lb

Crappie:                                13 3/4", 1.19lb

Bullhead:                               14 5/8", 1.81lb

Dogfish:                                 29 1/2", 9.28lb

These are the current fish to beat.


Largemouth Bass: Eviney Vanderswag 20 3/4" 4.21lbs.  Smallmouth Bass: Mike Walsh 21 7/8" 5.95lbs.


Northern Pike: Nathan Solomon 38 1/2" 12.08lbs.  Walleye: Chris Reed 29" 6.34lbs.


Bluegill: Fred Kline 12 1/2" 1.78lbs.  Sunfish: Mandie Baird 10" .81lbs.


Perch: Eric Baller 12" .68lbs.  Crappie: Tim Johnson 13 3/4" 1.19lbs.


Bullhead: John Gray 14 5/8" 1.81lbs.  Dogfish: Devin Miller 29 1/2" 9.28lbs.





Wondering about live bait?  We carry:

- Perch minnows

- Sucker minnows

- Golden Shiners

- Wax Worms

- Red and White spikes

- Spawn

- Night Crawlers

- Leafworms

- Dillys

And to keep your exotic pets alive we carry:

- Crickets

- Mealworms

- Superworms

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